Bringing together activists and organizations throughout Europe in a joint struggle to realise human rights for undocumented citizens.

City rights United brings together 5 organisations and many more interested parties all over Europe. They will work together on city rights for undocumented in Europe.

City Rights United brings together activists and organizations throughout Europe, in a joint struggle to realise human rights for undocumented citizens. By putting undocumented citizens to the forefront and improving their situation, we want to expand the human rights to other marginalised groups. Every partner  organises its own City Rights Team, a collaboration of citizens with and without documents, and under the name City Rights United teams join forces. The active participation of marginalised groups like undocumented citizens in decision-making is designed not merely as a means to an end (e.g., city ID cards, academic credentials, etc.), but as an end in itself is the main aim on local level. The normalisation of political participation of these groups stimulates civic democracy. The power of making changes locally calls for a union of cities where the knowledge and the movement of progressive initiatives is shared and strengthened. 

The partners exchange knowledge on co-creation, joint decision making, lobbying and empowerment.

How we do it


Due to Corona we had to redefine the project. As it is no longer possible to organise the six conferences that we were planning to. We switched or organising the meetings digital. 

In the end of 2020 and in 2021 we will organise a series of webinars based on themes that will be featured in the toolkit. Each webinar will serve as inspiration for good practices and to exchange thoughts and ideas. 

For each webinar two partners will take the stage along external experts on the topics. Everyone is invited to join our Public Webinars. We will announce them on our event page and on Facebook. A summary of each webinar will be published on the event page as well. 


Based on the output of webinar meetings the partners will also create a toolkit that will enable undocumented citizens to speak out and be an active part of city life. We will launch this Toolkit for inclusive European Cities the end of 2021. 

This Toolkit will be handed to city councils, relevant organisations by and with Undocumented, on the national government level and also on the European level. It will serve also a policy paper and tool for further lobbying for human rights for undocumented. 

If you have any ideas, experiences or best practices you want to share with the group, don’t hesitate to get in contact!


City Rights United is an initiative by Amsterdam City Rights and subsidized by Citizens for Europe and Media & Democracy foundation. 

The project has coordinators supported by the initiated organisation Here to Support. The rest of the work for the project is also carried out by the partners. 

Amsterdam City Rights is part of the Here To Support foundation. The foundation wants to connect refugees in Limbo and different organisations in the field of education & Knowledge, art projects and lobbying. The projects are coordinated by practitioners together with refugees who wants to be heard and actively change their situation. 

Amsterdam City Rights is one of the programs created over the last year by a coalition with among others Here To Support. They support the ‘Fearless City’ movement, cities where citizens (with or without papers) stand up for the rights of (undocumented) refugees and newcomers. In these cities new solidarity connections and projects arise that are liberated from the original ideas of the ‘Nation State’. In this movement it is secundairy relevance which nationality you hold and if you have ‘the right’ papers.