La solidarietà non ha confini | Solidarity has no borders


Naples 5-7 March 2020

Organized by: City Rights United

Ex OPG & Here to Support

Thursday 05/03/2020

Welcome everybody!

  • During the day: Ex OPG Tour

Visit Ex OPG and learn all about the building, the history and their daily activities. 

  •       Let’s get to know each other better!

The first meeting was held in Amsterdam from 22nd to 25th October but new people and associations will be present at this event. Each collective, association or community will be able to present themselves briefly underlining which elements characterize their work and commitment.

  •       What is the MMNR (Migrants and Refugees Movement of Naples) ? Why and how was it born? How is it organized and what does the MMRN do?

The Migrants and Refugees Movement of Naples tells the story from the birth of its organization to the last struggles for rights in the city of Naples. 

  • 19h30: dinner @ Ex Opg

Friday 6/3/2020

  • 10h30 – 13h: How to build a mobilization? The example of the campaign documents for all of the MMRN

The MMRN has one big goal: mobilizing for the full rights of migrants and refugees. Rights are always under attack and we must always make greater demands. We want documents for all but we always need a proper plan of action. Learn more about our work, struggles and discuss with us! 

  • 13h – 15h: lunch @ Ex Opg
  • 15h – 18h: Workshop time! 
    • 18h – 20h: dinner @ Ex Opg
    20h: theatre of the Teatro Popolare dell’Ex Opg Je so’ pazzo → further informations will follow soon.

Friday Workshops

  • migration and health

Migrants and refugees live in different countries. Health care systems are different and access to care can have different kinds of obstacles. But what are the common problems? What practices are put in place to safeguard the right to health for all?

  • migration and women

Women must free themselves from oppression and discrimination in their countries of origin but also in Europe. Being a woman and a migrant means making a double effort to get what you want. What are the needs of different migrant women with different cultural backgrounds once they arrive in Europe? How to support women in their demands? How can they organise themselves?

  • migration and  work

Migrants and refugees are very often employed in jobs with a high risk of exploitation or forced into illegal situations. Despite the unfavourable conditions, migrants have a great organizational and mobilitative capacity to become protagonists of important struggles in various European cities that often improve not only the living conditions of migrants themselves but, by consequence, of everyone. If migration has a significant impact on the labour market what can be done to improve working conditions? Which are the best examples of labour struggles led by migrants? What are the possible forms of organisation for documented and undocumented migrants?

  • migration and communication

Media and communication methods are fundamental tools but very often we do not know how to use them to the greatest advantage. What are the best channels of communication within our organisations, associations and collectives? But above all, how do we communicate and reach those who have become accustomed to a totally distorted narrative about migration and the conditions of migrants and refugees? In addition to our daily work in the cities how can we fight racism and prejudices produced by manipulated information and fake news?

Saturday 7/3/2020

  • 10h30 – 13h: migrant city rights tour through Naples

Those who wish will be welcome to spend the morning visiting the Vasto district where the majority of the city’s immigrant population is concentrated. The tour will be guided and organized on the basis of small groups.

  • 13h: lunch @ Ex OPG
  • 14h – 17h: Open Space / free space to speak to all the organizations, make collaborations and learn about and from eachother! 
  • 17h: Public Assembly From solidarity in the Mediterranean Sea to Social Rights to the City

Sunday 8/3/2020

If you are still in Naples, join us in the Women’s March! Further details will follow soon