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Undocumented in times of Corona? Examples of creative and sustainable practices in Europe.

Organised 17 November

With the second wave of Corona hitting Europe, it is again the most marginalised in society who are hit the most. With multiple cities back in lockdown and organisations, national economies and cities not yet recovered from the first wave, the second wave comes in even harder.
During the first wave many people and organisations stood up and actively supported the undocumented community in their city. In this public webinar we want to give the stage to some of these inspirational practices that were launched during the first wave. Practices discussed will be among others lobbying and collaboration with the city council and a successful program of food distribution.
We love to be inspired by others! Do you want to tell your own story during the pandemic? Please send us a message and maybe you can also pitch your practice during the seminar.


Amsterdam City Rights: Will present their campaign ‘Right to Mobility’ which they set up with help from the Amsterdam City Council.
Ex-OPG Napels: Were able to set up an incredibly important and community driven food distribution program.

Both speakers will present their practice, lessons learned and strategies. Another central question during the presentations will be how we can implement new strategies during the second wave and how will the organisations be able to maintain the energy required for these programs in the second wave and maybe even longer.