What we do

Our building blocks to create more inclusive European cities


We gather people with and without papers all over Europe to come together and exchange struggles and Best Practices. By sharing experiences and practices we want to inspire each other for new creative practices.

A Toolkit for City Rights

If we combine our knowledge and experience, together we can build a strategy how we can campaign for City Rights for Undocumented citizens all over Europe. Over the course of the project the partners will work together to create a 'Toolkit' to campaign, lobby and create City Rights in Europe.


By working together we also want to support each other to deal with local struggles. We will do this by amplifying each others campaigns and act in solidarity. Our work is done by and with Undocumented who want to improve their situation.

Meet the Partners

ExOPG Je So'Pazzo

ExOPG Je So'Pazzo


is one of the largest community projects of Europe, with hundreds of citizens, with and without papers, connected. It is located in a former psychiatric judicial hospital, in the centre of Naples, in Materdei, a working-class neighborhood.


Stories from Europe

Open the Hotels in Hamburg

Asmara's world has been part of the coalition campaign Open the hotels in Hamburg initiated by Lampedusa in Hamburg. They are calling for the City Council to support their plan to open hotel rooms for undocumented and homeless people instead of the mass shelters they have provided now.

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Mail: info@cityrightsunited.eu
The project is coordinated from Amsterdam by Amsterdam City Rights.

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