Migrante was formed to promote the rights of Filipino migrants. We orient members about their rights as workers in host countries; and their rights as Filipino citizens who are outside the Philippines.

We try to help them understand the context of laws in host countries, and the labor export policy of the Philippines. By raising awareness about these contexts, they are in a better position to make decisions. We organize as a self-help associationn and we also mobilize ourselves as a community, as well as a political advocacy and action group.


Each Toolkit text is translated in Arabic, Spanish and French available through audio recording here below:

The network is organized in several chapters going from the city to the global. City chapters, such as MIGRANTE-Utrecht, organize in localities, recruiting and organizing Filipino migrant workers, family migrants, au pairs, and students. These chapters are encouraged to form country chapters (e.g. MIGRANTE-NL) where the city networks are connected top amplify the voices and to organise meetings and events. These chapters in turn connect with regional formations (e.g. MIGRANTE-EUROPE). This chapter connects the country chapters where they together can focus and zoom in on the regional laws and struggles. This scales up again to connect to the global. From local we raise awareness and mobilization for change in the Phillippines and about forced migration which leads to campaigning for human rights and social change.

MIGRANTE conducts participatory research into concerns that affect migrant Filipinos. Information campaigns raise the awareness of the community and feedback is also gathered. These become the objective basis for actions of the organization. This process was adapted from the practice of other MIGRANTE organizations in the Netherlands (since 2009), Europe, and other global regions since (1996). Successes and setbacks are analyzed and lessons are deduced from them. It is a continuous process.

Every member of MIGRANTE is required to take the MIGRANTE orientation course.

All members are encouraged to join committees. We also have activities to strengthen the bond between members. We conduct leadership training activities to activate the most advanced members. Assessments and evaluations are conducted for every activity. Regular meetings, consultations and organizational assemblies are also held.

The strategy in short is AOM: AWARENESS-RAISING, ORGANIZING, and MOBILIZATION. The practice of AOM has allowed MIGRANTE faithfully serve Filipino migrants since

2009 in NL and globally since 1996. It will remain as a basic organizing instrument

that will guide, strengthen and advance the organization in its mandate. AOM provided members with understanding of contexts, challenges and actions necessary. AOM also creates leaders, organizers, advocates and activists.