Asmara’s world has been part of the coalition campaign Open the hotels in Hamburg initiated by Lampedusa in Hamburg. They are calling for the City Council to support their plan to open hotel rooms for undocumented and homeless people instead of the mass shelters they have provided now.

The coalition is made of various organisations in Hamburg working either in health care matters, homeless shelter or supporting refugees in the city. After the lockdown in Hamburg the city council has been providing a mass shelter for the homeless. This causes distress as the chance for infection incredibly rises by grouping people in one place, but also because the winter shelter does not provide place for undocumented or refugees.

The coalition has provided the council with a plan that already has hotel owners who have vouched to open their hotels for the homeless. At the same time homeless paper in Hamburg together with the Diakonie organised 300 sleeping places. These 300 sleeping places are financed not by the Reentsma Cigarette factory. Asmara’s world has used her network to organise shelter for people. But as most homeless people are undocumented and the number will most probably triple the coming months, these efforts are not enough. The group Lampedusa in Hamburg has initiated this campaign to also already start thinking about the after-Corona situation. As a way to again attract the attention towards the marginalised and precarious situation most refugees and undocemented.